Using this Web Site - Helpful Hints.

This is our NEW Site, so it may be necessary to re register, It is very simple and you can enter your own Password.

When looking at a Page of Products you may find it helpful to click on the word GRID, left side of the page just above the products, this will then display products across the page.

Then move to the right side and click on the sort button, A-Z will bring like products together, making selection easier.

We suggest that if a product takes your interest, click the Wish List button, this then files the Product for later review, even if you log out or are timed out, this list will remain. It is then a simple task to move the item to the Shopping Basket.

We are a B 2 B site, so we show both items in stock, can be bought for immediate delivery, and Items labeled for Pre Order, these items can be pre ordered ensuring that you get the stock you want when you want it.